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This tutorial comes from 1992 and was built into demo version (working model) of NewWave 4.0.

Welcome to NewWave, the Premier Desktop Manager for Windows...

NewWave offers three key benefits...
The Desktop Organizer helps you organize your work with folders, file drawer, drag and drop printing, and a waste basket
The Workgroup Library helps you group share documents and files anywhere on a network server
The NewWave Agent is your personal assistant, ready to automate routine tasks on your PC

...and NewWave works with your existing applications.

The NewWave Working Model includes a guided tour and a working version of NewWave.

The Guided Tour is an 8 minute overview of NewWave... you’re viewing it now. We recommend you go to through it before proceeding to NewWave.*

The NewWave Working Model is a working version of NewWave that includes most of the functionality of the full product. You can go to NewWave at any time from the Guided Tour Menu.

* To put the tour in self-running mode, click the Self-running Demo button on the next screen.

Guided Tour menu

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Part 1: Desktop Organizer
Part 2: Workgroup Library
Part 3: NewWave Agent
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Desktop Organizer

On the NewWave Desktop, you have:

a File Drawer

a Waste Basket

a Printer

and the NewWave Agent, your “personal assistant”.

Let’s start getting organized!

To begin working in NewWave you would use the Objects Menu.

Simply select Create a New...

...and select the type of file or files you wish to create.

Let’s do it!

To create a word processing file, you could select the MS Write Icon.


Now we would give it a title – up to 32 characters.

NewWave lets you use meaningful titles for all your files... letting you organize information by project name, customer type – the way it makes sense to you.

The new MS Write file is on your NewWave Desktop.

To open the file, simply double-click it with the mouse.


NewWave automatically launches MS Write and opens the file all in one step.

No need to remember where your data file is, or to use the Windows File Manager or Program Manager.

To print a file, simply drag the file to the NewWave printer on the Desktop.

The NewWave Waste Basket lets you easily throw away unwanted files.

Simply drag the file icon to the Waste Basket.


If you accidentally throw something away you can still retrieve it!

You can also quickly empty the Waste Basket.

NewWave folders let you store all your files in a logical way – customizing folder names and colors, and putting folders within folders, or in the File Drawer.

You create folders the same way you create files.

For example, you might create a folder named Quarterly Sales...

...and another folder named Annual Sales.

You could then store this file inside the Quarterly Sales folder...

...the Quarterly Sales folder inside the Annual Sales folder...

...and put it all into the File Drawer.

NewWave uses the Objects Menu to create all documents, graphics, spreadsheets, and folders on your PC.

During installation, NewWave found some of your applications and built icons for each of them in the “Create a New” Objects Menu. This will allow you to create files for them.

Workgroup Library

NewWave makes it easier to share and access information anywhere on a network. You don’t need to remember complex networking commands to get vital information.

The Workgroup Library works like a real library, making it easy for you to see what information is available on each network server.

NewWave does this through Object Storage – each network server you’re connected to can be shown as an icon on the NewWave Desktop.

With Object Storage, you can easily download files from a server, or place a file on the network.

For example, you and your colleagues can access information by using the “check out” command – the same way you would check out a book in a real library.

To place a file on the network, simply drag its icon onto the network server.

It is now available on the server for others to access.

With NewWave’s Workgroup Library capabilities, you can concentrate on using the right information when you need it – not how to access it on the network!

NewWave Agent (Work Automation)

The NewWave Agent is your “personal assistant”, ready to automate many of the routing tasks you perform on your PC.

The Agent is a macro recorder that works with Windows and DOS applications – it watches what you do and plays it back when you want the work done.

And unlike other macro recorders, you can easily edit what it records.

We will now show you an example of how the Agent can be used. This Agent task was previously recorded to mail letters to customers. You can create an Agent task similar to this one to do your own work.

Let’s see what would happen if we dragged this task onto the NewWave Agent...

The Agent would:

1. Open the MS Cardfile file.

2. Copy a name and address.

3. Open MS Write file.

4. Paste name and print.

5. Copy next name and address.

6. Paste name and print.

7. Close MS Write file.

8. Close the MS Cardfile.

You could also schedule this task to run when you’re not in the office – for example, every Friday at 6 p.m.

To schedule this task, you would start by double-clicking the Agent icon.


Then you would double-click the Agent Schedule.


Next you would drag the agent task icon to Repetitive Schedule... would type in 6pm... would select Friday...

...and you would click OK.

The Agent would now automatically create and print your letter every week.

NewWave, the Premier Desktop Manager for Windows...
Desktop Organizer
Workgroup Library
NewWave Agent

For information on how to purchase NewWave, call:

(800) 554-1305

NewWave Guided Tour
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