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This lesson teaches you how to use a mouse with Windows.

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You use a mouse, like a keyboard, to communicate with the computer.

To use the mouse, you hold it in your hand and move it across a flat surface. If you are left-handed, it might be more comfortable to move the mouse with your left hand.

Type R if you will be holding the mouse in your right hand, or type L if you will be holding the mouse in your left hand.

When you move the mouse across a surface, an arrow-shaped pointer moves across the computer screen.

You control the pointer by moving the mouse.

Try moving your mouse now, and watch how it affects the pointer on the computer screen.

Move the mouse so that the pointer touches the center of each number on your computer screen. Point to each number in order.

If necessary, lift the mouse and move it to another spot on your desk. The pointer moves only when you move the mouse on a flat surface.

You can select an item on the screen by moving the mouse pointer to that item and then pressing and releasing the left mouse button. This is called clicking.

To continue, click the left button mouse now.

To select an area of the window, first point to the object you want to select, and then click the mouse button.

Try clicking different areas of the window.

Click the Control-menu box.

Click the title bar.

Click the Minimize button.

Click the Maximize button.

Click the menu bar.

Click the Main group icon.

Click the Accessories group icon.

Another way to select an item is to rapidly click twice in a row. This is called double-clicking.

To continue, click the left mouse button now.

Double-click each of the items on the screen now.

Double-click the Control-menu box.

Double-click the title bar.

Double-click the Minimize button.

Double-click the Maximize button.

Double-click the menu bar.

Double-click the Main group icon.

Double-click the Accessories group icon.

You can use your mouse to drag an item from one area of the screen to another.

Click the mouse button to continue.

Drag each item on your screen to its correct location in the window:

  1. Move the pointer to the item you want to drag.
  2. Press and hold down the mouse button.
  3. Move the item to the new location.
  4. Release the mouse button to drop the item in its new location.

Drag the Control-menu box to its window location.

Drag the title bar to its window location.

Drag the Minimize button to its window location.

Drag the Maximize button to its window location.

Drag the menu bar to its window location.

Drag the Main group icon to its window location.

Drag the Accessories group icon to its window location.

You have learned the basic mouse skills you need to use Microsoft Windows.

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