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Splash screens are those fleeting images displayed for a couple of seconds when the program is launching. Big and small, simple and sophisticated, cute and annoying, you can find a selection of them below. (Please note that individual names, company names and serial numbers have been obfuscated.)

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Animation software
DirectorDirector (1 splash)

Audio editing
LogicLogic (3 splashes)

Bitmap graphics editors
FireworksFireworks (3 splashes)
PainterPainter (3 splashes)
Painter EssentialsPainter Essentials (1 splash)
PhotoshopPhotoshop (3 splashes)
xResxRes (2 splashes)

FileMakerFileMaker (3 splashes)

Desktop publishing
FontographerFontographer (1 splash)
PageMakerPageMaker (4 splashes)
Quark XPressQuark XPress (7 splashes)

Document management
Acrobat DistillerAcrobat Distiller (3 splashes)
Acrobat ReaderAcrobat Reader (2 splashes)

Internet browsers
Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer (5 splashes)
NetscapeNetscape (3 splashes)
OperaOpera (1 splash)

Internet communications
EntourageEntourage (2 splashes)
EudoraEudora (3 splashes)
Outlook ExpressOutlook Express (2 splashes)

Movie editing
After EffectsAfter Effects (1 splash)
ShakeShake (2 splashes)

Office suites
AppleWorks/ClarisWorksAppleWorks/ClarisWorks (6 splashes)
WorksWorks (1 splash)

Presentation software
PowerPointPowerPoint (6 splashes)

1-2-31-2-3 (1 splash)
ExcelExcel (9 splashes)

Text editors
WordWord (6 splashes)
WordPerfectWordPerfect (1 splash)

Vector graphics editors
FreeHandFreeHand (7 splashes)
IllustratorIllustrator (6 splashes)
StreamlineStreamline (2 splashes)

Web editors
DreamweaverDreamweaver (1 splash)
GoLiveGoLive (2 splashes)
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